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How old are your jumping castles?

We add new castles every few months, our current range was purchased Brand New in the first quarter of 2014 and we have added 6 new castles in 2nd half of December 2014.

When can I hire a castle?

Our online services is available 24hrs a day 7 days a week, or you can ring us 7 days a week from 8:00am to 8:00pm

Do you require a deposit?

We pride ourselves in providing best and reliable service, we welcome all genuine bookings, deposit is not compulsory, but to have peace of mind that we will deliver your item on the date and time confirmed by you it is always recommended to put a deposit to secure the delivery of your favourite jumping castle.

How far in advance do I need to book?

You should book your castle as early as possible to avoid any disappointment as someone else might book your favourite castle for the date and time you want to book.

When do you deliver?

Just Jump Jumping Castles are committed to delivering and setting up your item on or before your requested schedule. For indoor events where specific time slots are allocated for bookings, we make sure to deliver and pick up on time, for outdoor bookings we are more flexible with time. On a day where several castles are booked for the same time i.e. (4 castles are booked to be delivered at 11:00am and are all on the different sides of the city) in order to deliver all castles on time our driver might deliver your castle much earlier than your requested time of delivery and you will not be charged any extra for this.

Am I responsible for delivery/setup of the Castle?

Just Jump Jumping Castles is responsible for Delivery, Setup, Pack up and Pick up.

How much access is required for the Castle setup?

Minimum 1 meter space is required, in case of narrow, uneven or steps please notify us in advance.

Can the Castles be set up on any surface?

Our jumping castles can be placed on most surfaces i.e. grass, timber deck, concrete etc. as far as it is flat, even and clear from any sharp objects, stones, tree branches, garden waste and any animal waste that may damage or dirty the Castles.

How long does it take to set up the Castle?

Please allow 15 minutes to assemble and 15 minutes to dismantle and pack up. It might take longer to setup and pack up depending on pathways, steps and any other obstacles i.e. air conditioning units, water heaters or un even surface.

Does someone need to supervise while the Castle is in operation?

Somebody over the age of 18 must supervise the castle at all times, the adult person must not be under influence of alcohol or any other substance.

Are safety instructions given?

You can read our terms and condition and FAQ pages to find out answers to many basic queries, our staff can also provide detailed safety guidelines.

Are your castles clean?

Yes, our castles are cleaned regularly, our staff take measures to ensure our castles are cleaned by cleaning them with an antibacterial solution and vacuuming them in order to uphold a safe, healthy and hygienic environment. Sometimes if the castles are booked without sufficient time in between the castle will be cleaned onsite before any use.

Who will setup the tarp/rain cover?

The Hirer is responsible for the installation and setup of the rain cover. We only provide the tarps/rain covers upon request and do not setup as we do not know the requirements of your premises.

What happens if we damage the Castle?

If there is a damage to the equipment then hirer will be liable for all damages and the cost of repair for the castle, including transport costs.

Do I need a Generator?

If you are having an outdoor event in the park or a playground where a power point is not available you do need a generator. The hirer can organize his own generator or can hire one from Sydney kids jumping castles NSW Pty Ltd.

Any more information I need to know of?

Castles cannot be set up near power lines, nor can they hang over trees or any sharp objects. No food, drinks, toys, confetti are allowed on the castles. An electrical socket must be provided as we need a power supply for the electric inflating blower that runs at all times the castle is in use.

How do I hire a Jumping Castle?

To book a jumping castle you can call us TOLL FREE 1800 021 438 or 0452 JUMPIN (0488 58 67 69) or book online @ www.jumpingcastlehire.net.au to get special discount.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash payments can be made on delivery, online via secure online payment option with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. (2.7% surcharge will apply on VISA and MasterCard and 5% surcharge will apply for American Express.)

Are you insured and carry public liability?

Yes we are fully insured and carry public liability, a certificate of currency will be provided upon request wherever required by law.

How different "Just Bounce/Jumping castle" are from "Combo Castles"?

“Just Bounce/only jumping castles” are traditional jumping castles with dedicated jumping area only, “Combo castles” are equipped with more built in features such as built in slide/basketball hoop/obstacles as well as the dedicated jumping area.

What happens if the Driver is late?

Considering the same scenario of several castles booked at the same time for delivery around Sydney some time due to unexpected traffic conditions, breakdowns and delays due to difficult access to a location the driver might be delayed, the driver or our staff will ring you and notify you of the delay, we might offer extra time (equivalent to delayed time) to compensate. No further discounts will be given.

Do you Charge for Delivery and Setup?

Delivery and setup is absolutely FREE within 35km radios of our warehouse, which covers majority of Sydney metro area, although the delivery is free customer living outside of 25km radios of our warehouse cannot book the castle for 4hrs, 4 hours hire option is available for customer within 25km radios of our warehouse. A fuel surcharge may apply for deliveries outside of 35km radios of our warehouse please call our friendly staff to find out more details.

How much room should I leave for the castles?

Each castle is different in size, our range of castles are from 3.5m to 11m in length and 3.5m to 5m in width, Please check the sizes for our castles online at www.jumpingcastles.net.au and allow at least 1m extra space around the castle for blower and setup and ensure that a power supply is nearby.

Can we move the Castle during the hire period?

Due to safety & insurance requirements the Castle cannot be moved once assembled.

Can I have castle set up in a Park, Picnic Point, Sport Ground or Public Reserves?

Yes. If you require us to set up in a public reserve or park you must have permission from the council & check if there are any requirements or fees. The ground must also be clear of any sharp objects or obstructions prior to castle arrival & set up. You might need to hire a generator if there is not power supply to run the blower.

Are the castles safe? Are there any safety requirements?

The castles are complaint to the Australian Standard AS3533, However, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the castles are operated in a safe environment and all safety guidelines are met and the castle is supervised at all times while in use. The hirer must turn off the equipment in case of bad/wet weather and notify the owner immediately of any damages or accidents.

Who Can Jump on the Castles? And how many can go on at the one time?

6-8 children of 3-6 years of age group on the small castle, small castles can hold an evenly distributed weight of 280kgs. On the medium castles we recommend total weight of 360kgs, a maximum of 8-10 children at one time and an age limit of up to 12 years of age. On the larger combo castles we recommend weight of 450kgs, a maximum of 12 children (or 6-10 teens) at one time. We also recommend that the children are grouped in similar age groups so as to avoid any accidents with older children.

What happens in case of bad weather? (Windy or Rain)

From our wide verity of jumping castles several castles do come with rain cover, for castles with open top traps can be provided upon request, however we strongly recommend that the castles should not be used in bad weather to ensure safety of children. You can cancel you booking with 24hrs notice and there will be no cancelation fee. If you book with 24hrs of the delivery time a cancelation fee of $30 will be charged and if we arrive with your castle and the weather changes or you change your mind you will have to pay in full and no discounts or refunds will be given.

What time the jumping castle will be picked up?

Mostly the equipment will be picked up with an hour after your scheduled hire period is over. If the driver is running late because of any reason our staff will inform you of any possible delays.